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Welcome to NBN's Community Noticeboard

Below you will find a list off all the events separated into months. If you want to see the events in one of our regions check the menu .

All Events

Event Date

August 2019

September 2019

October 2019

November 2019

RCCG Good Women's Conference 2019 15-Nov-2019
Repair Cafe Lake Mac 16-Nov-2019
Rock Valley Hall Annual Christmas BBQ & Twilight Markets 30-Nov-2019
Rotary Club of Lismore Big Book Sale 23-Nov-2019
Sea Shelter 16-Nov-2019
Tamworth Bridge Club 30-Nov-2019
Tamworth Bridge Club 17-Nov-2019
The Salvation Army Tamworth - Senior's Movie Day 02-Dec-2019
The Sunday Muster artisan market 17-Nov-2019
The Sunday Muster artisan market 17-Nov-2019
The Wizard of Oz Retro 30-Nov-2019
Time Out - A festival for physical & Emotional Wellbeing 17-Nov-2019
Toy Run 30-Nov-2019
Woven Craft Group 16-Nov-2019

December 2019